Leaving your job

Living in Spain or the EU

If you live in Spain and you have left (or are leaving) your employment in the UK you may be entitle to some benefits.  We have some information for our Spanish residents.  CLICK HERE

If you live in the EU and there is agreements you should be entitle to benefits.

Frontier worker leaving a job

Under EU law, if you have decided to leave your job, you may be entitle to some benefits.

First, check if you can apply for unemployment benefits in your country of residence. Depending on local regulations and how you terminated your employment, you could be entitle to benefits.



Due to COVID-19 many employees are being offered voluntary redundancy or facing compulsory redundancy or even worse. If you have been working in the UK but have lived abroad, or simply plan to live abroad after you end your current UK employment, you may be entitle to benefits.

Even if you plan to retire, make sure all your contributions in any EU country are taken into account towards your future pension calculations.


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